Coatings for Concrete, Steel and Bunds and Tanks

Coatings for Concrete, Steel and Bunds and Tanks


There are many diffrent coating systems for concrete, such as waterproofing, aesthetics or protection coatings. Our Krypton Chemicals Systems can be applied over new or old concrete and we have the necessary primers to ensure a perfect bond. Our recommended coating thickness is 2 x kg per sqM. the cure time is under 10 seconds which reduces any disruption to a minimum.

Our concrete coatings are 100% solid which release Zero VOC’s into the atmosphere.

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International Bund Lining Chemical Suppliers.


At RoofCare Waterproofing we have a specialist division called ChemLine Care which works with only the best , wold class Bund Lining and containment tank and area protective coating systems manufacturer. We believe the leading Bund Lining companies are:


Krypton Chemicals UK and Krypton Chemicals Spain- are the worlds leading manufacturers of the highest performance protective coatings for use as Bund Linings and both primary and secondary containment vessels ad area coatings.

Krypton Chemicals Technical Information are at the following- and

The Major Innovative Products which Krypton Chemicals have for this for Application are :


Pure Polyurea


Polyurea Rayston is a 2-component polyurea


for elastic membrane application with

crack-bridging capability. It is a extra fast-curing

system that can only be applied by hot mechanical

spraying equipment. Polyurea Rayston can be

combined with different geotextiles to obtain on site

applied, seamless liners.


Chemical Resistance-

Sodium hydroxide (40 g/L)                                                                 7d, 80ºC

Hydrogen peroxide (33%)                                                                     7d, 25ºC

Sulphuric acid (10%)                                                                             7d, 80ºC

Sulphuric acid (30%)                                                                            30d, 80ºC

Bleach                                                                                                       7d, 80ºC

Ammonia (3%)                                                                                        7d, 80ºC

Diesel                                                                                                         16d, 80ºC



Sika- are the second largest  manufactuer of polyurea and polyurethanes.


Product Description Sikalastic®-8800 is a two part, elastic, 100% solids, very fast curing and coloured pure polyurea liquid applied membrane with good chemical resistance.


We work closely with all major Global materials manufacturers outlined here, plus other specialist materials manufacturers and protective coating systems.

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