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Spray Applied Polyurea Applied Waterproofing

A range of Polyurea Waterproof Coatings for Roofs and Decks, Bund Linings and Pond Containment Liners, and external basement membranes



Spray Polyurethane Waterproofing- for flat roof, metal roofs, and concrete roofs make for an durable seamless roof system

RoofCare Polyurea Spray Equipment


The Polyurea Revolution began back in the late 1990’s when a brilliant scientist Dudley Primeaux, who was working with Texaco at the time, discovered a fast set coating which we call POLYUREA today

Polyurea products have come a long way since their inception. At first the cure time was only a couple of seconds which made the equipment as well as the applications limited. The first uses for Polyurea came in the car industry. It was used to make “skins” for dashboards, and door panels by applying the fast set product into open molds. As the Polyurea technology advanced, the product and equipment became more controllable and the cure times were slowed to increase the usefulness of this innovative product.Polyurea has may uses and are extremely useful for projects that require a FAST TURN AROUND TIME as most projects can be put back into service within an hour of completion.

Instant Curing Waterproofing System-


Spray applied Waterproofing  is becoming the most acceptable way of providing a instant waterproof  roof coating that is very durable and economical.

The RoofCare Impermax system is recognised as the very best spray applied system. For use on Asphalt, Asbestos, Timber, Concrete, Metal.

RoofCare also have hand applied systems that we install under our 20 year guarantee.

RoofCare Spray Applied Polyurea  is a unique system, which can be used effectively for a variety of applications including basements, roofs, green roofs and covered decks.

RoofCare is a seamless waterproof membrane that can be both spray and hand applied by our experienced operatives. As it requires no primers or fleeces, it ensures a fast but fully sealed waterproof membrane. There are no joins or seams, it is cold applied and the unique formula gives 1,100% elasticity with over 95% memory, allowing for even excessive roof movement.

With RoofCare as a roofing system there is no requirement to strip old material first as it can be applied directly over most substrates including felt, asphalt, timber, concrete, corrugated asbestos, metal and insulation boards for both pitched and flat roof installations. RoofCare is ideal for a roof requiring rust prevention and is used effectively to ensure asbestos encapsulation. It really is the ideal roofing solution to any roofing requirement.

RoofCare Spray  can be applied as the following:
Spray Grade for roofs, basements, green roofs and covered decks.
Spray grades for smaller projects including roofs and anything with detailing work or non-traditional shapes.
An anti-skid formulation, which can be used on any high traffic areas.

Benefits of using RoofCare System:

  • Fully bonds to the substrate.
  • Cold applied – so no heat used at all in preparation or application.
  • Cures in seconds.
  • No volatile organic compound, no VOC
  • Environmentally friendly,
  • Ozone and UV resistant.
  • High tensile strength.
  • High flexibility
  • Variety of colours available.
  • Can be used as both a protective and decorative finish.
  • Cost effective.
  • Seamless.


Bund Lining  with Spray Applied Polyurea

bund liner

Polyurea tank coating – when applied to concrete creates tough seamless liner with great abraison, tear and chemical resistance

A bund is a liquid containment facility that contains leaks and spillage from tanks and pipes.

Frequently, the liquids in tanks and pipes are toxic, but bund lining is used to prevent the liquid from causing damage (either by force or its chemistry). If a large tank has a catastrophic failure, the liquid alone can cause extensive damage.

Properly built bunds have to be large enough and strong enough to contain the contents of an entire tank, though regulations require it to contain 110% of the content of the tank or container. When multiple tanks share a bund, the capacity is based on the largest tank.

In many schools and factories there are bunds that range from holding chemicals to drinking water. Particular examples which receive specific attention in the UK, the rest of Europe and the USA are oil and fuel storage tanks and transformers at electricity sub-stations which are filled with oil for cooling and insulation purposes.

One of the most common bund designs for large tanks is a concrete or masonry wall built off of a concrete slab. Concrete and masonry works very well for many liquids, but Polyprufe bund liners should be used to decrease permeability. Bunds can lose their ability to contain fluids due to poor detailing of joins, cracking, chemical erosion, accidental damage.

RoofCare have a range of systems for repairing the structure of the bund prior to installing a lining which is resistant to most fluids including fuels, acids, solvents

  • The bund lining is spray applied onto concrete, timber or metal and so can be detailed around pipes fittings and fixed plant.
  • Unlike most bund linings, this can be applied to damp concrete.
  • RoofCare’s bund lining system is elastic, seamless, fully bonded, impact and abrasion resistant and will not degrade due to UV light.
  • The bund lining is hard and ready to walk on in seconds.


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