Single Ply Roofing PVC and TPO

RoofCare Single Ply  System

RoofCare Single Ply membrane are  formulated with  high grade virgin polymer and superior fire retardants ensuring optimum membrane characteristics to deliver high performance.

Suitable for either new build or refurbishment projects, our systems are a lightweight, fast track and cost effective waterproofing solution that is resilient to the natural elements. It is flexible with a high tensile strength that is easy to install and weld.

Like all of our products, RoofCare Single Ply is supported by our renowned technical support and comprehensive range of guarantee packages.

Key Features

  • Developed to withstand climatic extremes and temperature shocks.Our experience in chemical formulation and commitment to only using superior polymers and blending techniques gives this product cold-bending flexibility at less than -30 degrees centigrade without losing elasticity.
  • The high tensile strength of over 1100N is achieved by incorporating a high quality polyester reinforcement within the membrane to resist tears and punctures to ensure durability.
  • Tested and approved for green roof landscaping by the FLL.
  • The PVC formulation ensures it is resistant to chemicals and micro-organism attack which
  • Guaranteed for 10-20 years depending on the system type is vital to the membrane’s success in ballasted or green roof situations.

RoofCare Single Ply- school Exeter

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