Green Roof

In the world’s densely populated industrial countries more and more space is taken up by roads and buildings.  All building work encroaches on nature and sealing up earth under concrete has a detrimental effect on our environment and living conditions.  Often the only way to bring nature back into an urban environment is to plant at roof level.

RoofCare Green Roof systems are a tried and tested solution in the construction of an ecologically and technically sound rooftop.

Why Green Roofs?

The past decade has seen an increasing interest in the design of roof areas that interact harmoniously with their surroundings. Green roofs provide a positive effect on the environment and can provide areas of recreation for building owners. There are also the technical advantages of noise and air temperature reduction, protection of the roof against UV and climatic extremes and the obvious minimizing of the possibility of mechanical damage.

All this, combined with the availability of today’s purpose designed products, with a track record in waterproofing and root protection, now make the green roof option a viable interesting choice for architects and specifiers alike.

Roof Falls

Roof falls must be included to provide adequate drainage to remove excess water from the roof in accordance with code of practice BS6229. For Extensive Roofs, the design roof falls are 1:60.

Roof falls can be formed within the roof structure or by the use of Tapered Insulation Systems.

Intensive Green Roof with RoofCare Impermax

Roof top gardens’

—  Provide utility/amenity

—  Heavy, thick layer systems

—  Typically flat (below 3°)

—  Permanent irrigation

—  High maintenance

—  Roof environment modified to support desired species

RoofCare Impermax with Intensive Soil System


Extensive Green Roof with RoofCare Impermax Waterproofing 

Self-sustaining, naturalistic’

—  Visual amenity

—  Lightweight systems

—  Flat, sloped of pitched roofs

—  Retrofit or refurbishment

—  Self-sustaining; normally no irrigation

—  Low maintenance & minimal modification to roof environment

RoofCare Impermax with Extensive Soil System

 intensive green roof

Biodiverse Green Roof with RoofCare Impermax


Habitat replication/creation’

—  Lightweight to medium weight

—  Flat, sloped or pitched roofs

—  Retrofit or refurbishment

—  Low maintenance

—  Creates habitat for Flora & Fauna

—  Low maintenance with aesthetic appeal