Fibre Glass / GRP Roofing

The main advantages of the Topseal, Cure-It and GRP flat roofing systems are:

  • Extremely strong and durable.
  • No seams or joins.
  • Will not crack, split or bubble.
  • Wide choice of colours.
  • Can be walked on without damage.
  • Maintenance free.
  • Will not sustain damage from chairs, tables, plant pots etc.
  • Moulds to complex shape extremely effectively.
  • Insulation upgrades can be easily and economically incorporated.
  • Standard, pre-formed profiles at eave, verge and abutments give smooth and tidy details.

All GRP Flat Roofs, correctly installed, are cold applied and cured, absolutely water tight, heat, fire and impact resistant, storm and frost proof and recommended by the National Federation of Roofing Contractors and the British Board of Agreement.

The systems also offer a high security ultra hard finish and can incorporate non slip walkways for roof access.


grp /glass fibre