Altrincham, Stockport and Chester Balconies

Terraces & Balconies

Balconies and Roof Terraces present a new set of problems for most flat roofing materials as the roofing material has to perform more than one function. (Most flat roofs do not need to carry foot traffic or need to cater for tables, chairs and plant pots).

Sharp table and chair legs, ladies in high heel shoes and large heavy plant pots being dragged around all have the potential to cause damage to existing roofing systems in their stand alone state. Most systems rely upon fitting additional and costly tiles or overlays to protect the working area. RoofCare has no requirement for any additional protection as it is durable enough on its own and performs both functions in a single format making it the ideal choice for terraces and balconies especially in aggressive environments such as coastal areas where a lot of balconies are found.

Any type of  balustrading can be used and bolted or fixed to the surface of the RoofCare Waterproofing without the need for the fixings to penetrate the structure ensuring extreme weather protection. See details



RoofCare Impermax Balcony System – Roofing Systems

RoofCare Impermax is a single component, self-levelling polyurethane liquid waterproofing solution that is cold applied to form an elastomeric, seamless membrane that will waterproof virtually any substrate.

Key Features & Applications

  • RoofCare Impermax is a 100% cold applied liquid waterproofing solution suitable for use on flat roofs (1:80 falls) or pitched roofs, in warm or inverted roof build-ups
  • This BBA approved, fully warranted system has a life expectancy of 25 years
  • RoofCare Impermax is used to refurbish failing roof coverings and provides waterproofing for new-build podium decks, balconies and walkways. It can also be used under green roofs and is suitable for pedestrian traffic
  • The system is fully adhered for a durable, yet flexible monolithic waterproofing solution and offers excellent resistance to puncture, abrasion, micro-organisms and chemical agents

Insulation & Finishes

  • RoofCare Impermax surface finishes include Colodur, a UV stable polyurethane resin in a choice of colours. Granular (see colour choice below of Pigmented Quartz surfaces) and skid deterrent options are also available along with reinforcement and surface coating RoofCare Impermax is compatible with PIR insulation (warm roof) and extruded polystyrene (inverted roof)
  • Samples are available on request

Installation & Maintenance

  • Installed by a nationwide network of RoofCare approved contractors
  • RoofCare Impermax is cold-applied using roller, squeegee or airless spray
  • A range of primers are available for adhesion to substrates such as concrete, metal, plywood, existing roof membranes and glass, along with accelerants and additives that offer fast curing options and excellent workability at details
  • Only minimal routine maintenance is required


 Decorative Balconies

Decorative Balcony- for full colour range see images below and see (PDF downloads on Technical page for full range)


Surface Pigmented Quartz colour options-

Choice of many different Quartz granules, which can be pigmented and natural quartz colours are available. ( see PDF file on the Technical page for more surface colour options)

 Carmine Redcarmine_red_web_0 Cobalt Bluecobalt_blue_web Dark Greydark_grey_web



Maroon Webmaroon_web Moss Greenmoss_green_web Sunflowersunflower_web

 For further colour range catalogue please email