Contractors for Flat Roof Repairs

Local Approved Contractors for Flat Roof Repair and New Build Flat Roofs 

Professional Flat Roof Repairs are a skill and every Flat Roof is different and requires a unique cost effective solution.

Flat Roof Repairs

Most repairs involve a failed Bitumen, failed Mastic Asphalt Roof or failed Glass Fibre Roof. We always have the option of stripping off the failed waterproofing and sometimes the deck and insulation underneath are so wet that they also have to be removed. The only way to determine if this costly remedial work has to be done is to take a small core sample from the Roof and then professionally re-waterproof the small area where the core sample was taken from. Please note that a core sample area need be no more than a few square inches.

Normally it is not necessary to strip off the existing waterproofing and a number of new waterproofing systems can be laid directly on top of the old roof, so as to avoid expensive skip hire and landfill costs.

You should always consider an upgrade in Thermal Insulation if you are re-waterproofing and again the new Thermal Insulation can be laid directly on top of the old Bitumen Felt/Mastic Asphalt and the new waterproofing applied. Remember that the new waterproofing will last up to 30 years, so it can be very cost effective to add new Insulation especially in view of the future high energy costs of heating the building which everyone is predicting.